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Here’s for all of you asking what the 30 Day MilSO Challenge list was! :)

Day 1:  How did you meet?

Day 2: How did he ask you to be his?

Day 3: Your first memory with them.

Day 4: Your first kiss.

Day 5: Favorite gift they gave you.

Day 6: Nicknames for one another.

Day 7: What do you think of their family?

Day 8: What does his/her family think of you?

Day 9: Inside joke.

Day 10: How many times have they upset you?

Day 11: Why is your relationship different from others?

Day 12: Ten things you like about them.

Day 13: Your song.

Day 14: How often do you see each other?

Day 15: What about his friends?

Day 16: Things you both have in common.

Day 17: Things about them that bother you.

Day 18: Upcoming plans you have together.

Day 19: What is your favorite memory with him/her?

Day 20: When you feel closest to him/her.

Day 21: What you impagine your future with him/her to be.

Day 22: A movie that is special to your relationship.

Day 23: What you two do together?

Day 24: How long have you been together?

Day 25: Ways you have changed since being together.

Day 26: What do your friends think of him/her?

Day 27: What is the next holiday you will celebrate together?

Day 28: Describe meeting his/her family.

Day 29: What is your favorite thing about him/her?

Day 30: The one thing that makes him/her different from everyone else.

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