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How sweet that he lives with you. :)  Just hope he isn’t freeloading off of you and helps you to pay the bills.


He definitely isn’t. He got a new, better paying job before he moved down here. He helps around here and helps me out. It’s wonderful (:

Anonymous: Does he live with you now? 

Yep, pretty much!

Anonymous: What'd you do for him?!? 

Well, my boyfriend is like a fat kid so…. I finally had a day off so I did all the cleaning, laundry, etc and I hadn’t studied yet, so when he called on his break I told him I didn’t make his brownies. He sounded upset :p so at like midnight I made them for him and left a note on them saying, “You’re lucky I love you! (: ” He was quite happy. Nothing crazy special. It’s just the little things that mean the most (:


Best girlfriend award goes to this girl tonight! My boyfriend is going to be extremely excited when he gets home! (:

nbdcharleigh: Hey this is really random but I have a question about underwear in basic training. As a civilian I wear men's boxer briefs because I find them more comfortable. Are they going to make me buy a specific kind at the px or should I get new ones before I leave? I'm due for new ones anyway. 

Honestly, don’t buy some before you leave. First off, it all depends on the BCT site whether or not they would even let you keep your own clothes. In my specific battery at Fort Sill, I was able to keep all of my pre bought under garments, as long as they were white, black, or tan. Another battery in the same barracks building was not able to. Also, from what I remember, I actually think they made ALL of the guys going through BCT tan “the most uncomfortable” underwear in the world, or so I was told. Just save yourself the money. While you are in reception the first week you leave, they send you off to a PX store where they will give you a pre-advance from your check of $350, I think. With that money, you have to buy anything, everything, and what they require you to have for the first month. We got to go back before a month, but some others didn’t. Depends on your drill sergeants, and how the schedule of your battery/company works out!

jupitarstopez: Hi there!(: do you or any of your followers know a fairly inexpensive photographer near Castle Rock, Colorado? My boyfriend and I want to do a photoshoot but we can't really afford a lot..): 

My dear followers, let’s help this lovely lady out!

skeeler replied to your photoset“Cannot forget marching band!  Colorguard captain and the awesome four…”
Ok. Thought you were awesome before, but you just went up in awesome points for being in colorguard! :)

Haha aww thanks (:  I was one of the very few, ever, who was accepted as a freshman. I then ended up making captain, because I was the quickest to learn, teach, and perform. Not to mention a four solo senior year, with a new record with a quadruple toss with the air rifle in competition (;
myuncalledforlife replied to your photoset“Just hypnotized during after prom, no big deal haha.”
Does this realllly work???

Absolutely! For the most part, you can eventually remember what happened, but there are parts that, to this day, I still do not remember. That was the same thing my junior year. I don’t remember most of the hypnotist show my junior year.

And that wraps up my little ‘blast from the past.’  Sorry for blowing up your feed. But.. little things like that help show who a person really is. So! If you take time to look at them and such, it just shows you care. Thanks (: