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20 years young.
Future nurse.
Aspiring photographer.


Medic in the SD Army National Guard

Attending USD in the fall for BSN in nursing!


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Anonymous: Are you really wanting a commitment from josh? 

Nothing crazy.. Not right now. Just knowing he’s serious about this and is going to do whatever it takes to make it work. That’s the commitment I want from him.


So, I don’t know if any of you are into any sort of the spiritual world or not, but seriously the craziest thing happened. Josh’s mom is really into it and wanted to do a reading on me with her cards. Ok. No big deal. I was interested, because everybody who she’s done it to, has turned out pretty much correct.


Scary as shit… My was RIGHT ON!

Mine was about self advancement in my life: Army National Guard. Past hurt due to relationship: right on. Start of a new relationship: working on it. The contentment and happiness of love: true. Living a life full of emotions and heart: so true. Not being afraid of love: absolutely. And something about working on a future full of emotions and love. Holy gosh.

Let me tell you though, Josh’s reading was just as crazy! I don’t remember it all, but his was something about being regretful of past choices, figuring out ones self, desire to make a change in your life, working on a new relationship, finally making a commitment *ding ding we have a winner, finally! :p * and some other stuff.

Very interesting to say the least.

Anonymous: Aaaaah I hope you make a post about what's going on and your time with him when you return 

I will probably be posting as I’m here!

Anonymous: How is it going?!?! Hope you are having a wonderful time catching up! 

Things are going amazing to say the least (: